Churches in England

Wiltshire Parish and Local Church Pictures.

Churches shown include those at Avebury, Bradford-on-Avon, Berwick Bassett, Great Bedwyn, Holt, Inglesham, Little Bedwyn, Stanton St Bernards, Winterbourne Monkton and Wootton Rivers.

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Avebury Church of St. James - Wiltshire, England.
St James
St Lawrence Church at Bradford on Avon - a really old English Saxon Church - Wiltshire.
St Lawrence Church
Bradford on Avon
Holy Trinity Church - Bradford on Avon - Wiltshire.
Bradford on Avon
Holy Trinity Church
Berwick Bassett Church of St Nicholas - Wiltshire.
Berwick Bassett
St Nicholas
St. Mary's Church at Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire, England.
St. Marys
Great Bedwyn.
Great Bedwyn Church - St Marys - Wiltshire.
St Marys Church
Great Bedwyn
The church at Highworth Cemetery - Wiltshire.
Cemetery's Church
Holt Congregational Church - Wiltshire.
The Congregational Church at Holt, Wiltshire
The old interior at Inglesham's St John the Baptist church in England.
St John the Baptist
Inside view of St John the Baptist's church at Inglesham, England.
St John the Baptist
St. John the Baptist's church at Inglesham, Wiltshire.
St John the Baptist
Inglesham Church - St John the Baptist
Inglesham's church of
St John the Baptist
St. Michael's Church at Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire, England.
Little Bedwyn
St Michaels
Little Bedwyn Church - St Michaels - Wiltshire.
St Michaels
Little Bedwyn
Stanton St. Bernards Church - All Saints - Wiltshire.
All Saints Church
Stanton St. Bernards
All Saimts Church - Stanton St Bernards, Wiltshire.
All Saints
Stanton St Bernards
Winterbourne Bassett Church - St Catherines - Wiltshire.
Winterbourne Bassett
St Catherines
Winterbourne Monkton - Mary Magdalene Church in Wiltshire.
Winterbourne Monkton
Mary Magdalene
St. Andrews Church at Wootton Rivers in Wiltshire, England.
St Andrews
Wootton Rivers
 Wootton Rivers Church, St Andrews, Wiltshire.
St Andrews Church
Wootton Rivers
Wootton Rivers - St. Andrew's Church in Wiltshire, England.
St. Andrews
Wootton Rivers
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