Churches in England

English Parish and Local Church Pictures.

The following Church Photographs are taken from around the English Counties of Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Somerset.

Many of the small villages scattered around England still retain their old charm and visiting them is an excellent way to see the nicer parts of the English countryside whilst on holiday - whether out sightseeing by car or perhaps walking or cycling.

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Bedfordshire Local and Parish Church Photographs.

Caddington Church - All Saints - Bedfordshire.
Caddington - All Saints
All Saints Church at Caddington - Bedfordshire.
All Saints Church
Kensworth Church - St Mary the Virgin - Bedfordshire.
St Mary the Virgin
St. Mary the Virgin's Church at Kensworth - Bedfordshire.
St Mary the Virgin
St Mary the Virgin Church at Studham - Bedfordshire.
St Mary the Virgin
Studham Church - St Mary the Virgin - Bedfordshire.
St Mary the Virgin
Whipsnade Church - St Mary Magdalene - Bedfordshire.
St Mary Magdalene
St. Mary Magdalene's Church at Whipsnade in Bedfordshire.
St Mary Magdalene
 at Whipsnade

Photographs of some of the Churches which can be seen around the County of Leicestershire.

Catthorpe Church St. Thomas's, Leicestershire, England.
St. Thomas's Church
St Thomas's Church at Catthorpe, Leicestershire.
St Thomas's - Catthorpe
Fleckney Church - St Nicholas, Leicestershire.
St Nicholas
St. Nicholas's Church at Fleckney, Leicestershire.
Fleckney - St Nicholas
Foxton Church - St Andrews, Leicestershire.
St. Andrews
St. Andrews Church at Foxton, Leicestershire.
St Andrews Church
St. Helen's Church at Gumley, Leicestershire.
Gumley - St Helen
Gumley Church, St Helens, Leicestershire.
St. Helen
Lubenham Church - All Saints, Leicestershire.
All Saints
All Saints Church at Lubenham in Leicestershire, England.
Lubenham - All Saints
Saddington Church - St. Helen's, Leicestershire.
St Helens
St Helen - Saddington, Leicestershire.
St Helen's Church
Shawell Church - All Saints, Leicestershire, England.
All Saints Church at Shawell
All Saints Church at Shawell, Leicestershire.
All Saints Church
Stanford on Avon Church - St Nicholas's, Leicestershire.
St Nicholas
Stanford on Avon
 St Nicholas Church at Stanford on Avon, Leicestershire.
Stanford on Avon
St Nicholas
Swinford Church - All Saints, Leicestershire.
All Saints

Church photos taken in Somerset - taken when we walked the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal.

The beautiful building which is Bath Abbey in Southwest England.
Beauitful Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey - Southwest England - Somerset.
Bath Abbey
St Johns Church - Bath, Somerset.
St Johns Church in Bath
Bathampton Church - St. Nicholas's - Somerset.
St Nicholas
St Nicholas Church at Bathampton - Somerset.
St Nicholas
Barthampton St. Nicholas's Church - Somerset - this is a typical pretty English Church.
St Nicholas
Bristol Cathedral - Somerset, England.
Bristol Cathedral
St Peters Church in Bristol - Somerset.
St Peters in Bristol
Keynsham Church - St Johns in Somerset.
St Johns Church
We have many more pictures of Churches in England covering the English Counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire which can be found via our English Churches Home Page
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