A beautiful church nestled in the English countryside.

England and it's beautiful old Churches.

Many of the English Counties contain quite a few lovely village and town churches to admire and look round - often surrounded by beautiful displays of wild flowers and trees.

St Paul's Church at Steeple Aston in EnglandThe majority of these photos of churches in England were taken during the Winter since in the Spring and Summer the churches are difficult to photograph due to the heavy foliage from the surrounding trees and shrubs. From March through to the summer many of the churches graveyards and surrounds are covered in snowdrops, then bluebells, then daffodils and so on. The village lanes around for instance Oxfordshire are generally very quiet and therefore great for cyclists - a far better way to visit and enjoy the churches than by using a car. In our case though our favourite way of getting around the various locations is by making up circular walks using our National Trails like The Ridgeway National Trail and the Oxfordshire Way National Trail.
Many of our villages and towns have small and very old churches which quite often can date back for 700 or 800 years - and quite probably the existing churches were built on religious sites which go back way before that. Despite the basic shape it is quite surprising how different many of these churches actually are in design and how beautiful many of them are to look at. They often have at least one very large yew tree nearby, lots of not so often seen wild flowers surrounding the edges of the graveyards and for (the benefit of?) walkers and cyclists there are often wooden seats in the graveyards which provide a nice peaceful location for a picnic. When out and about hiking in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties we usually plan our walks to arrive by a church around lunch time if possible.
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